2019 releases

2019 YA Releases: Mystery/Thriller

Another installment of my 2019 releases series! This one is all about YA horror, mysteries and thrillers being released in 2019! As usual, there are probably a few I've missed so if you know of any that aren't on this list please let me know and I'll add them! These are titles mostly from large… Continue reading 2019 YA Releases: Mystery/Thriller

2019 releases

2019 YA Release: Paranormal Fiction

Back with another 2019 YA Releases post. This one is all about Paranormal fiction! Some of these are true paranormal and other have an element of paranormal. I didn't include and fantasy with paranormal elements these are mostly historical, contemporary or mystery/thrillers! There are a few that aren't labelled as paranormal but they definitely have… Continue reading 2019 YA Release: Paranormal Fiction

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14 Most Anticipated 2019 Releases

Here are some of my most anticipated releases that are NOT sequels, I will have another list for those! This was rally hard to narrow down because there are so many amazing books coming out in 2018. Originally this was supposed to be 10 but yea, that didn't happen. There's a bit of everything here:… Continue reading 14 Most Anticipated 2019 Releases