Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites: Fictional Friendships

Friday Favorites meme is hosted by Something of the Book.

This weeks topic is Fictional friendships and there are so many good ones!!

But, here are my top favourite friendships.

The Raven Boys

Seriously, one pf the best friendships groups I’ve read! You’ve got all sorts of characters from different backgrounds in here, they balance each other out and the banter between Blue and Ronan is amazing

Legolas and Gimli

This is probably my all time favourite friendships-bromance out there. Legolas and Gimli are form two different races that hate each other but they become such good friends, they take this piss out on each other and they have competitions about who can get the most kills. So good.

The Golden Trio (Harry, Ron, Hermionie)

Okay, another amazing friendship group. Harry couldn’t have gotten by without Ron and Hermionie, these three just need each other. Harry’s Sass, Hermionie’s brains and Ron’s knowledge of the wizarding world made this group amazing.

The Dregs

This is one messed up group, all these characters are incredibly damaged but they care for each other and work well together and I especially liked the female friendship between Nina and Inej

Audrey Rose and Thomas Cresswell

I’m counting these two as a friendship first before a romance because they did become friends first. These two are just amazing okay? AMAZING.

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