When the Sky Fell on Splendor by Emily Henry Review

When the Sky Fell on Splendor

When the Sky Fell on Splendor

Author: Emily Henry

Publication date: March 12, 2019

Genre: YA Sci-fi

Pages: 384

Publisher: Razorbill


Almost everyone in the small town of Splendor, Ohio, was affected when the local steel mill exploded. If you weren’t a casualty of the accident yourself, chances are a loved one was. That’s the case for seventeen-year-old Franny, who, five years after the explosion, still has to stand by and do nothing as her brother lies in a coma. 

In the wake of the tragedy, Franny found solace in a group of friends whose experiences mirrored her own. The group calls themselves The Ordinary, and they spend their free time investigating local ghost stories and legends, filming their exploits for their small following of YouTube fans. It’s silly, it’s fun, and it keeps them from dwelling on the sadness that surrounds them.

Until one evening, when the strange and dangerous thing they film isn’t fiction–it’s a bright light, something massive hurdling toward them from the sky. And when it crashes and the teens go to investigate…everything changes.


When the Sky Fell on Splendor is much more than it appears to be. The Story is told from Franny’s POV, following a group of friends who have an encounter with what they believe is an alien.

This story deals with the after effects of tragedy, grief, loss, friendship and judgement.

This was a pretty fun adventure story about friends witnessing something spectacular and cosmic. They experience something other people will never experience. They are kids, they let their imagination run wild, they create a mission for themselves to help this “alien”. The story is suspenseful and atmospheric which gives off some pretty creepy vibes, I would recommend reading this during the day.

Like I mentioned above, this is a deeper story than you’d think, It shows the different way people grieve, what happens when you don’t talk about important things and the types of relationships tragedy can form. Its a pretty sad and heart breaking story full of emotion.

While I did enjoy this for the most part there were some things I didn’t enjoy. The first being the characters specifically Franny and Arthur. Arthur was the absolute worst, long story short hes an asshole. Like a huge asshole. All he seems to care about is himself and the “adventure” and he doesn’t care if he hurts his sister or his friends. He drive me up the wall. Franny was also super irritating because shes pretty much the dumbest person on the planet. She contacted some stranger online from a youtube comment and this person seemed to know where she lived and she didn’t tell anyone. like, WHAT!? Also, she doesn’t tell her friends ANYTHING and she thinks she has to do everything on her own. I. Just. Couldn’t.

Overall these kids were incredibly mean, judgmental and delusional. They let the imaginations run incredibly wild putting people in danger.

If you can get past the shitty characters, the story itself isn’t bad and its pretty interesting.


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