Bookish Musings

25 Bookish facts about me

So I’m totally pilfering this idea from Joleen @ Starlightbooktales. I’m sure other people have done this as well but she’s the most recent one I’ve seen.

1. I grew up with Harry Potter. I first started reading Harry Potter a year or two after The Philosophers Stone came out and I continued with the series as each book came out.

2. I’ve re-read Harry Potter a lot. I’ve re-read HP at least once a year since I started reading in 1998/1999 and I’ve read the exact same editions, my original copies. Needless to say they are falling apart.


3. I don’t like Classics, they always feel like such a chore to read.

4. I prefer paperbacks over hardcovers.

5. I read the entire Gossip Girl series and most of the It Girl series growing up.

6. I’ve never read Twilight.

7. My least favourite tropes are love triangles and forbidden romance.

8. I’m a fast reader, I can usually finish a book in a day.

9. The darker the plot the better.

10. I’m a sucker for crows/ravens on the cover.

11. I like my series to match either all hardcover or paperback and matching covers(if possible)

12. I’m the biggest mood reader you will ever meet.

13. I prefer to buy my books rather than borrow them.

14. Fantasy is my jam. I’m also fond of sci-fi, historical fiction and paranormal historical fiction.

15. I buy my books based on the cover/title and genre. I don’t read reviews or look at the synopsis before I purchase.

16. I absolutely hate writing. If I had to write a novel to save my life I would die.

17. I’ve read the entire 50 Shades series because, why not? It was horrible but whatever.

18. Growing up I was a huge fan of James Patterson and Ellen Hopkins.

19. My bookshelf is currently arranged by colour. When its not arranged by colour its arranged by: height, genre, series (in that order)

20. Adult paranormal romance is pretty great, give me all the vamps and werewolves.

21. I will only read one physical book and an audiobook at a time.

22. I’m drawn to the dark, evil characters like The Darkling.

23. I love cracking the spine on my books, I’m not worried about keeping them in pristine condition. The more used they look the better.

24. I mainly read YA but I need to read some adult fiction every now and then otherwise I start to hate every YA book I read.

25. The Great Gatsby is my all time favourite book.

That’s 25 bookish facts about me! What is a bookish fact about you?

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