Whisper Of The Tide by Sarah Tolcser Review


This was a wonderful end to such an adventure!

I’m applauding Sarah Tolcser for creating an enchanting world full magic and adventure with a full cast of flawed diverse characters.

If you’re looking for adventure, politics, pirates, romance, betrayal and deceit you’ll find that here! There were so many twists and turns and never a dull moment in this book. If you liked Song of the Current I highly suggest you read Whisper of the Tide you’ll love it! I couldn’t put this down and it is one of the best sequels and satisfying ends to a story I have read in a long time.

The story follows Caro as she tries to navigate through the mess of her life after it got turned upside from meeting Markos. She was thrown into a life full of politics, piracy and an unimaginable fate. Caro is such a fantastic character shes strong, cocky, sure of herself, funny, determined and best of all shes flawed! Flawed characters are always the most entertaining because they tend to make horrible decisions which always leads to disaster. And Caro does get herself into some pretty disasterous situations!

Caro is trying her hardest to help Markos reclaim his throne after the disasters in Song of the Current. While doing this she has basically given up her one true love: Sailing. When Markos is faced with a hard decision that could help him win back his throne Caro makes the decision for him. This decision leads Caro on an adventure and disaster of a lifetime!

The adventure really begins when Caro manages to land herself on a deserted island with the most unlikely person you could possibly imagine while becoming a real pirate and being chased with a price on her pretty head. She also manages to get kicked while shes down a lot, one bad thing happens after another and she cant seem to catch a break. Although its really all her fault to begin with. Caro is faced with a lot of betrayal and deceit on her journey and an opportunity of a lifetime, something that’s only been told in legends and fairytales.

There are two characters that stand out in the book and they are Kente and Diric Melanos. Kente is Caro’s cousin who has shadow magic which is very convenient in tricky situations. Kente is also a strong determined female who is willing to put her life on the line in order to help her cousin. She has such a big heart and shes very sassy and a bit of a comedic relief at times. Then we have Diric who is a scoundrel, he’s killed a lot of people and hes a true pirate. Hes basically Caro’s Arch nemesis after trying to kill her mother and father in Song of the Current. He is basically wrench thrown into Caro’s life in Whisper of the Tide.

Poor Markos in this book is faced with a lot of difficult decisions and politics while trying to reclaim his throne. Hes trying to find alliances who believe his story and want to back him up but he doesn’t seem to have much luck. That is until an offer comes in that could help him change everything, tsk tsk, some things are too good to be true. He has also had many assassination attempts on his life and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

While this story is at times predictable its still an amazing adventure with a wonderful diverse cast of characters.

Thank you so much to Raincoast Books for gifting me a copy for review.

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