Legendary by Stephanie Garber Review


I recently read Caraval for the first time after putting it off for over a year, I don’t know why I waited so long I fell in love with the story, the game and the world. I was incredibly excited to read Legendary and it was AMAZING. Absolutely incredible and now one of my all time favourite books. I flew through it and couldn’t put it down.

You cant trust anything you read.

Legendary follows Tella, Scarlet’s younger sister as she tries to find her mother who disappeared years ago. Tella has been in contact with a mysterious person in Valeda who can help her find her mother but in order for this person to give her her mother she needs to find out Legend’s real name. She made a bargain with him and if she doesn’t find Legend’s true identity by winning the game she will lose everything, including her own life.

The story picks up right where Caraval ended the morning after the ball. Caraval is doing something they have never done before, having two games in the same year one right after the other. Legend might have ulterior motives for this game, the players and Tella, who might just be the key.

Is the game just a game or is it real this time?

This story is a wild ride. Its full of twists and turns, deception, romance and magic. Not to mention a certain swoon worthy man, Dante. Oh Dante, Dante, Dante our favourite tatted bad boy hes such a mysterious character and you really have no idea what his motives are in this book. Is he playing just a game? or are his intentions true? You really cant trust anything you read.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Tella, she seemed a little flaky in Caraval but, my god, shes such an amazing character. Shes strong, sassy, saucy and determined, you’ll be rooting for her. Tella has some hard decisions to make throughout the book and one that could determine the fate of Legend and bring hell upon the world.

The book ends kind of open ended like there could be another book or that could be it. But it will make your jaw drop, like I said you can’t trust anything you read. I really hope there is a third book from Tella’s POV because you’ll be wanting more, so much more. Or maybe even a book from Legends POV that would be amazing!

The title is perfect for this book, this story is Legendary. I highly recommend it, if you loved Caraval you’ll love this one even more.

Thank you so much to Raincoast Books for gifting me a copy of Legendary for an honest review.

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